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How to Vaporize

How to Vaporize

Instead of burning a plant in order to release its active ingredients, vaporing involves allows the active ingredients of the plant to be released in the form of a gaseous vapour.

When the plant material is burned then the chemicals of the plant will degrade because of the extreme heat. Vaporizing on the other hand heats the plant matter so that the active plant matter is released. The slow heating of the plant matter through vaporizing means that the plant does not catch on fire which will then cause smoke but rather a vapour.

You then need to know how to vaporize so that you are able to get the best from your plant matter.

How to Vaporize


1. You will need to grind your herbs to a fine ground. You are able to use a grinder for this so that you can achieve the fine ground that you need. You will need to place the herbs in the grinder and put the lid on. Usually you will need to twist the lid back and forth so that the herbs become ground in fine pieces. You can get grinders at most tobacco shops.

2. You can turn your vaporizer on and turn the temperature knob to the highest temperature setting or you can flip a temperature control switch. You will need to look at your vaporizer’s exact product directions so that you know exactly how to turn your vaporizer on and how to set it on to the highest setting.

3. The hand piece of the vaporizer will need to be loaded with the herbs. If your vaporizer has a screen then you will to place the herbs on the screen. If you are using as vaporizer that has vapour whip, then the herbs will need to be loaded by placing the loading chamber of the vapour whip over the herbs and suck in the suction tip so that the herbs can be sucked into the herb piece. Once the vaporizer has become hot enough you will see that the metal coil will be lit red.

4. The hand piece will need to be placed on the heating element of your vaporizer and the plastic tip end of the hand piece in your mouth.

5. You can then inhale on the plastic tip of the hand piece. Before you draw on the plastic tip hand piece you can either turn the temperature knob to the highest setting or you can turn this down to the lower setting. It will depend on how much vapour you will want to produce.

Your vaporizer comes with its own set of instructions and you will need to read these before you start using your vaporizer.