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SMOKING vs. VAPORIZING: How Vaporizers are healthier than smoking

SMOKING vs. VAPORIZING: How Vaporizers are healthier than smoking

The use of Vaporizers as a healthier alternative to smoking has been advocated by many studies, especially regarding the use of cannabis or marijuana. Vaporizers produce a steamy substance, rather than smoke, as it does not enhance the herb through combustion at all. As a result, it is the healthier and more effective way of smoking, which explains its growing consumers. Medical marijuana patients alone have grown from 850 consumers in 2006 to 1300 in 2010, according to The Dutch Association for Legal Cannabis and its Constituents for Medicinal Use (NCSM). Although its purpose is strictly for medical reasons, many marijuana smokers are leaving behind the joint and picking up a vaporizer. And, one of the best vaporizers of choice is the Volcano Vaporizer.volcano_vaporizer.jpg

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How Vaporizers are healthier than smoking

After 5 simple steps, the herb’s vapour will be produced. It uses the synthesis of heat and air in order to generate activity within the herb. A 10-year marijuana smoker who has a blog dedicated to vaporizers (volcanovaporizerreviews.net), claims that this further enhances the flavour.

Due to the adjustable temperature setting, the heat that is used can be limited, which prevents the burning sensation that smokers often feel deep within their lungs. This is evidence that less harmful chemicals are being produced in comparison to smoking marijuana through a joint.

Take a look at this cool infographic depicting the difference between vaporizer and smoking cannabis:Smoking Cannabis vs Vaporizing Cannabis

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Evidence that Vaporizers are healthier

In June 2011, a weekly Dutch pharmaceutical journal, Pharmaceutisch Weekblad, published results from a study on the effects of medical marijuana used with vaporizers, which was conducted by The Dutch Association for Legal Cannabis and its Constituents for Medicinal Use (NCSM) in the Netherlands. Medical marijuana has been proven to be a treatment for nausea and vomiting that’s caused by radiotherapy or chemotherapy, chronic pain, Tourette’s syndrome and therapy-resistant glaucoma.

However, this is not the only product that is usually used in the vaporizer. The simple fact that fire is not used to ignite the herb, but that heat is simply used to enhance it, is the only factor needed to differentiate a joint from a vaporizer. Combustion significantly harms the respiratory system which is why, regardless of the substance, smoking is bad for you. As mentioned, the absence of combustion means that the consumer is less likely to be exposed to harmful chemicals.

Choose Vaporizers over smoking

The Volcano Vaporizer is loved for all the right reasons that there is no way you can go wrong in purchasing one of them. They are safer, healthier and more effective to use than lighting a joint. Seeing as health is priority, switching to vaporizers should be your priority.