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How to Replace your Easy Valve Volcano Vaporizeer Bag

How to Replace your Easy Valve Volcano Vaporizer Bag

If you have never heard of the Volcano Vaporizer, you may want to know what it actually is.

The Volcano Vaporizer is a system that releases the flavour and the aroma from various herbs, oils and spices.

These machines are crafted in Germany with food safe, heat resistant and flavourless materials. The Volcano gently heats and can be controlled. The device will never burn so you can be sure of the safety of the device in your home.

As with most systems your Volcano vaporizer will need maintenance and cleaning for it to work to its optimum.

One aspect you will need to look at is replacing the easy valve Volcano bags. It is actually an easy process and you will get a longer life out of the mouthpiece.

Here are steps to this process and you can use oven bags or Vaporizer bags.

  1. Remove the Bag

  • With a flat head screw driver you can pop the bag out by sliding it between the bag and orange plastic which will allow you to pry the bag out.

  • Do not force this.

  • Be careful and slow


  1. Removing the Volcano Vaporizer Rings

  • The black O-ring and the clear plastic retaining ring will need to be removed from inside the bag.

  • You can then remove the bag

  • There will be a small disc of rubber which is the valve, do not lose it.

  • Use hot soapy water to clean the reusable parts


  1. The New Volcano Bag

  • You will need to cut the new bag to length when using the Volcano replacement bags.

  • The length is usually down to your own personal preference.

  1. Prepare the Bag

  • You will need the thread the bag through the black O-ring.

    • Firstly open the bag.

    • Roll the O-ring up to the clear plastic retaining ring.

    • Position this at the end of the bag

    • Roll the O-ring onto the clear ring so that it is sitting in the groove.

    • Tie off the end of the bag.

  1. Prepare for Assembly

  • Fold the bag back over the O-ring and smooth it flat.

  • The mouthpiece needs to be put in place by making sure the valve is cantered and placed correctly.

  • You will then need to push down on this with force so do this on a sturdy surface.

    • The bag and the mouthpiece need to be lined up.

    • Press down hard until the bag snaps into place.

You have now successfully replaced the Volcano bag

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