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Loading a Vaporizer

Loading a Vaporizer

It is no secret that smoking is an unhealthy habit that damages the lungs, respiratory system and the body as a whole. Smoking is able to shorten a person’s life and will contribute to cancers and emphysema.

Vaporizers are able to reduce the dangers of smoking and because of this they have gained a lot of popularity over the years. A vaporizer is less dangerous because they do not use combustion in order to extract flavours of the herbs or other plant matter. You are also able to use a vaporizer to experience new and different flavours such as the passion flower.

Loading a Vaporizer

If you have purchased a vaporizer recently but you are unsure of how to load it, then you can follow these easy steps to loading your vaporizer.

You will need to buy the herbs that you are interesting in using. You are able to buy the herbs for your vaporizer at a local tobacco shop or you can have a look online.

You will need to grind your herbs before you place them into a vaporizer. You can buy a grinder or just use a coffee grinder and place your herbs in this and give the grinder a twist a couple of times. You need to avoid grinding your herbs to fine or into a powder as this will make it difficult to clean your vaporizer later. You can then pour your herbs into a small bowl for an easy access.

You can at this point turn your vaporizer on and set it to the temperature that is needed. Your herb packaging will usually state the optimum temperature for the herbs. Generally speaking the temperature is around 176 to 204 Celsius. You will need to allow your vaporizer to reach the optimum temperature before you load the herbs.

Once the vaporizer has reached the right temperature, you can open the top or the loading port of your vaporizer. You should place about 1 to 2 spoons of the herbs into the vaporizer. The herbs need to fall to the bottom of the vaporizer well. If any of the herbs have become stuck to the sides, just scrape these off.


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That’s it; you can close the top of the vaporizer and enjoy your chosen herbs as stated on the packaging.