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Men’s Health

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As a man there is often a stigma attached to be strong and fit, but it is also important to feel good as well. Feeling good falls under men’s health and it’s not all about how you look that is forming muscle mass and being strong, but also ensuring that you are taking care of […]

Loading a Vaporizer


Loading a Vaporizer It is no secret that smoking is an unhealthy habit that damages the lungs, respiratory system and the body as a whole. Smoking is able to shorten a person’s life and will contribute to cancers and emphysema. Vaporizers are able to reduce the dangers of smoking and because of this they have […]

SMOKING vs. VAPORIZING: How Vaporizer...

smoking and vaporizing

SMOKING vs. VAPORIZING: How Vaporizers are healthier than smoking The use of Vaporizers as a healthier alternative to smoking has been advocated by many studies, especially regarding the use of cannabis or marijuana. Vaporizers produce a steamy substance, rather than smoke, as it does not enhance the herb through combustion at all. As a result, […]

How to Replace your Easy Valve Volcan...

volcano vaporizer

How to Replace your Easy Valve Volcano Vaporizer Bag If you have never heard of the Volcano Vaporizer, you may want to know what it actually is. The Volcano Vaporizer is a system that releases the flavour and the aroma from various herbs, oils and spices. These machines are crafted in Germany with food safe, […]

How to Vaporize


How to Vaporize Instead of burning a plant in order to release its active ingredients, vaporing involves allows the active ingredients of the plant to be released in the form of a gaseous vapour. When the plant material is burned then the chemicals of the plant will degrade because of the extreme heat. Vaporizing on […]